About Lokko
The developers of the Lokko application relied on the fact that the orientation to the individuals’ needs is currently scarce on the courier market and on the shift of the power centre to the individual client, who becomes increasingly more relevant on the market with the development of the online commerce.

Also, there is a need for shortest delivery times as possible, as time seems to get shorter and shorter nowadays and the fulfilment of this requirement has only been limited by the “price” factor. Usually, the same-day delivery is more expensive mainly due to the low density of couriers and indirect costs, which are exactly the issues we focus on getting solved.

There is, at the same time, a need for flexibility, as the addressee needs to receive what he wants within the exact time range and place of his/her convenience and from a person of his choice, whom he/she can contact directly and trust completely. Also as a sign of trust, it is ideal for the client to be able to trace his/her delivery in real time. Well, the Lokko application meets all these challenges. Lokko provides the companies with a platform, an additional sales channel: a market-place.

However, the number of companies is not as important as the number of couriers specialised in same-day deliveries, who deliver the orders in an impeccable and cost-effective manner. Thus, Lokko is a mobile application intended to cover the existing requirements of the fast courier market and meant to facilitate the direct connection between the courier, the sender and the addressee by ensuring the immediate delivery or the delivery at any chosen time, and saving indirect costs.

The application is intended to meet the local same-day courier services needs and mainly serves private individuals and local deliveries, also ensuring the maximum speed, service customisation and attention from the courier; and all these are cost-saving. The sender calls for a courier of his/her choice, depending on certain criteria – the most important among them, the proximity and the individual rating – sets the sender’s and the destination addresses, pays, the courier picks up and delivers the package and obtains the receipt signature on the mobile phone.

Among our features, you can choose the courier, and time range for processing and delivery on a 365/7/24 basis (which is yet another first on the Romanian market), SMS payment, tracing the courier throughout the delivery route, permanent contact between the sender, the addressee and the courier, receipt confirmation in real time accompanied by a picture, rating the courier, opportunity to shop in the client’s name, to name just a few.